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Acrylic Painting Class By Jennifer Bowman


Feb 20-21, 2021 10-3pm

Jennifer’s classes are about learning the process and techniques to paint anything! Don’t worry about your skill level, beginners are always welcome.
The class is aimed at the beginning/intermediate student and it is her desire to create a positive and joyful atmosphere that nourishes the development of each artist’s special talents and perceptions. Each day starts with a demonstration, where techniques are used in multiple ways to help the student grasp concepts. You will explore color, value, composition and light.

You will be working on pre-textured surfaces, experimenting with working in color-layering glazes, ‘wet into wet’ and dry brush strokes, and palette knife. Using a strong light source, you will learn to create three-dimensional qualities on two-dimensional paper. You will work on composition and its importance in balancing your image. Using concepts about rhythm, shapes and color, you will be able to lead someone’s eyes through your painting. You will learn and laugh, and you go home with an “I can DO this” confidence and knowledge.

$225 includes small warm-up boards for each days use, hand-outs and access to texturing pastes and Varnishes. This will be a beginner’s to Intermediate class on Saturday and intermediate/advanced on Sunday. You can sign up for either or both depending on your needs. Supplies are available with the art store. Class size will be limited to 10 social spaced students wearing masks.

April 1-3, 10 to 3pm

This three day workshop will be a beginner’s class on Thursday with Intermediate students welcome on Saturday and Sunday.
and Sunday. $100 each day with a max cost of $250 for all 3 days.
If you have not taken any classes from me before, you are allowed to sign up for the Friday class.
This will be a VERY beginner, “color-wheel, pear and wine bottle painting” easy class. The remaining
days will get progressively more informative and detailed. No matter your level of painting ability, you
will enjoy all of the following days. Do not be intimidated.

Jennifer’s joy is contagious and you will have a blast hanging out for three days of fun and exploration
while playing in the paint. You’ll learn basics like color, composition and values as well as fun
techniques of splashing rubbing alcohol and rubber placemat textures. We all learn and laugh, and
you go home with an “I can DO this” confidence and knowledge. Click on the supplies link above to
access a list of what you are welcome to with. Class size will be limited to 12 social spaced students wearing masks.

Call the Blaine’s Art Store at 907-561-5344

You can have Jennifer join you and your friends at your house for an evening of creative fun and play using acrylics. All of the supplies and drop cloths will be provided to create your paintings. The base rate is $400; that would be 10 gals at $40 each or 8 at $50, etc. More than 10 would be an additional $40 each. You will need to provide a bright space with tables and chairs. You do need to dress in clothing that needs to get paint on it as well!! Call 360-202-7419 for more information. Travel costs outside of Skagit Valley can be discussed as well.