Los Barriles, Mexico (1 hour north of Cabo)

This town is half, ex-pat, retirees from US and Canada hanging out wind-surfing and kite-boarding. There is no problem with unfriendly border issues.

Total cost for all 3 days is $150. Class will run from Wednesday the 21st through Friday the 23rd. The class size will be limited to 10. You will need to bring all your own painting supplies/pallet and small canvases. Contact me at j@jenniferbowman.com to get more info and to save your spot.

I teach for three days and the other days I just hang with friends. If you are interested, here is the rough outline so far.

Class cost is $150 paid directly to me. The rest you pay separately to other entities, hotel, flight, food. This allows those of you with mileage points to use them if you can. Some of the hotels offer all inclusive food options. There is a great grocery store to buy simple fixings for small meals.

The flight I will be on, from here in Seattle, is Alaskan Air #204, Tuesday Feb 20th, 10:15 am. Flight #204 is a non-stop directly to San Jose del Cabo, arrives at 3:30. From there we need to drive one hour north to Los Barriles on the Sea of Cortez. We can arrange a group van if we get it together or at least near the same time. Flight back will be your choice. There is a bus that will take you from Los Barriles back to the the Airport…. but not from the Airport to the hotel cause it leaves San Jose Del Cabo area before we land. http://www.ecobajatours.com/

Hotel Options: https://www.tripadvisor.com/SmartDeals-g1544261-Los_Barriles_Baja_California-Hotel-Deals.html (The 3 below are within walking distance.)

Playa Del Sol (This hotel is right next door to the house I will be teaching at.)

It is a mid-range, wind surfer’s hotel with a limited restaurant. They do have an all-inclusive price, but that limits your choices of eating out each night at the local establishments or with me if we get a group thing together through-out the week. It is right next door to the house I will be teaching at. It is on the beach.

Hotel Las Palmas:

A better quality hotel with a larger array of rooms, suites and condos on the beach.


Los Barriles Hotel

This is a smaller Hotel just a few blocks from the class.

It sits back off of the waterfront in the town itself. Great Price $65.